The revolutionary new solar module that will change the marketplace.

decreases installation time by more than 80%
2 men can complete up to 5 installations in a day
increases the adddressable market for homeowners who place a high value on aesthetics
maximum of one penetration per system.

Watch the Video:

Lumeta 3/kW Solar Installation

Watch this installation of a 3/kW Lumeta solar system on an asphalt shingle roof, featuring the new LPP-175S module, that is completed in 45 minutes.

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

solar-costs-questionsHere are a few we think might be important…

The Lumeta Difference

In a side-by-side comparison, the Lumeta key differentiators are clear.

Residential Asphalt Shingle

residential home chart


Lumeta’s Solution For Tile Roofs

S-Tile and Flat Tile Roof Solution   Read More

Lumeta has created a penetration-free solution for s-tile and flat tile roofs that decreases installation time by more than 92% and increases installation velocity 15x with the same low profile advantage that blends seamlessly into the roof.

Keeping installation time and cost down for s-tile and flat tile roofs has been a difficult challenge with standard rack mounted systems. Accounting for a large number of prospective customers in key solar states such as California, Arizona and Florida, the Lumeta solution will increase the addressable market.

Elegant Solutions For Asphalt Shingle, S-Tile and Flat Tile Roofs