Lumeta 3kW Solar Installation

Watch an installation of a 3kW Lumeta Solar System on an asphalt shingle roof, featuring the new LPP-175S module, completed in 45 minutes.

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Lumeta’s LPP modules will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2017. To be informed of Lumeta’s launch schedule, please join our newsletter!

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The Differences are Clear

Solar Solutions For Asphalt Shingle, S-Tile and Flat Tile Roofs

We have created a zero-penetration solution for asphalt shingle, s-tile and flat tile roofs, and commercial applications that can decrease installation time by more than 80% with a low profile that blends seamlessly into the roof.

With its peel and stick modules and simplified wire management, the installation time for a Lumeta 5/kW residential system is 80% less for asphalt shingle roofs and more than 92% for concrete tile roofs, than for traditional rack mounted systems.

The average installation time for a 5/kW Lumeta residential system with two men is approximately 75 minutes, allowing the same crew to complete up to 5 asphalt single installations and 15 concrete tile installations, in the same time period. This efficiency sets installers up to realize increased margins and gain greater market share in a rapidly growing marketplace.

Our 6kW residential systems have zero penetration as compared to the same size rack mounted systems that have approximately 25. Lumeta’s 500kW commercial systems have a maximum of four penetrations per roof as compared to the same size rack mounted systems which have approximately 3,672.

The LPP-175S residential modules have been wind tested to 110 mph.
The LPP-320 commercial modules have been wind tested to 190 mph.

Modules are approximately 50% lighter than traditional systems.

Lumeta Solar Rack Mounted Modules
Asphalt Shingles 6kW Install
Average Install Time1 2.5 Hrs 16 Hrs
Roof Penetrations 0 25
Flat & S-Tile 6kW Install
Average Install Time1 4 Hrs 48 Hrs
Roof Penetrations 0 25
Commercial 500kW Install
Average Install Time1 2,145 Hrs 5,840 Hrs
Roof Penetrations Max 4 3,672

1. Total man hours for module and wire management installation. Does not include connection to inverter.