October 19, 2017

If you take the longer-term view and ignore the rollercoaster of policy changes and trade case uncertainty, solar’s on a clear upward trajectory with declining costs and growing market acceptance. But for installers, the decline in soft costs is not coming fast enough.

Lumeta Solar’s VP of Product Chad Medcroft and Field Applications Engineer Mike Nichols explored some of the issues facing solar installers on the job in a webinar. Some of the factors they discussed included the issues of crew size and labor costs, the number of SKUs that need to be ordered and handled on a typical job, and the trade-off that has traditionally taken place between aesthetics and production. You can watch the video below.

In summary, solar installers need to minimize the impact on the roof, simplify logistics, and, where possible, lower their labor costs... all while encouraging the growth of solar by installing aesthetically-pleasing systems. It'll take a step-change in solar technology--like we have with Lumeta Lynx--to get there.