November 29, 2017

Lumeta Lynx was featured in the 2017 Solar Power World Top Products list. The solar industry publication said:

As seen in Lumeta Lynx modules

See the Solar Power World article here.

Adhesive solar panels aren’t new, but non-thin-film adhesive modules are something to notice. Frameless, glassless monocrystalline 300-W modules with a sticky backside eliminate the need for bulky racking, grounding and roof penetrations, and they can compete with their glassed cousins in production and efficiency.

Lumeta released its LPP line of adhesive modules earlier this year for asphalt shingle and tile roofs, but their ~180-W output left much to be desired. Now the company has announced its Lynx line of modules ready for Q1 2018 shipment—Lumeta Lynx 60 (60 cells, 300 W, 18.1% efficiency) and Lumeta Lynx 72 (72 cells, 360 W, 18.3% efficiency).

Dupont plastic-based front sheets replace the glass, and a tapered-edge seal removes the need for grounding and lessens soiling. Time-proven butyl roofing adhesive secures the module to the roof and guarantees its adhesion for the system’s lifetime, but it is removable if required. No penetrations, no mounting equipment, wind tunnel tested, aesthetically marketable—Lumeta’s adhesive modules have a lot of benefits and have been tested to NREL’s Qualification Plus standard. Adhesive modules cut installation time significantly—and just think of the fewer BOS products needed.