The Solar Solution for Tile Roofs

Now it’s easy…

Lumeta has dramatically simplified the installation process for high performance PV solar for the tile rooftop market. With its superior aesthetics and the elimination of roof penetrations, Lumeta’s LPP-185T delivers the ideal solution for installers and homeowners with tile roofs.

Creates Unparalleled Efficiency Gains
Lumeta’s LPP-185T modules provide unparalleled installation efficiency gains. Lightweight and penetration-free, Lumeta’s unique, adhesively applied modules eliminate rack mounting hardware and roof penetrations, dramatically simplifying the installation process.

Maintains the Integrity of the Roof System
Lumeta’s LPP-185T system is adhesively applied to s-tile and flat tile roofs, eliminating the numerous penetrations to the roof system, as well as the potential for future servicing issues associated with cracked tiles and/or roof leaks In addition.

Superior Aesthetics Increase the Addressable Market
Many homeowners with concrete tile roofs are reluctant to add solar due to its negative aesthetic impact on their home. Lumeta directly and positively addresses this concern with a solar array that offers superior aesthetics, blending seamlessly into the roofline.

The Lumeta Solution

Lumeta has designed a solution for concrete tile roof systems that incorporates a shaped insert that is first adhesively attached to the roof, creating a flat surface for the LPP-185T module to attach to. The inserts are shaped for each roof type, s-tile or flat tile, and are made of a durable Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) material that is widely used in the construction industry and has well known performance properties for this use.

Technical Specifications
Standard test conditions: 25C, 1000W/m2, AM1.5 spectrum