Solar Makes Sense for Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors have a unique opportunity to dramatically increase revenue and gross profit per sale by adding solar to re-roofing projects. And for homeowners, with solar service lives and warranties lining up with those of a new roof, it is the ideal time to add solar.

But for most roofing contractors, installing a solar system utilizing existing standard rack mounted systems has proved too complex and has not warranted serious consideration.

Lumeta Changes the Landscape

Lumeta’s new peel-and-stick module has simplified the installation process, making it easy for roof contractors to add a new solar system to each new re-roofing project. With the lightweight modules that eliminate the hardware and roof penetrations associated with standard rack mounted systems, an installation team of two men can add a new Lumeta system in less than 2 hours for an average size solar system on an asphalt shingle roof, and 4 hours for a tile roof, not including the inverter installation.

Now it’s Easy

As is depicted in the Lumeta video, modules are applied by utilizing a standard peel-and-stick process identical to the application of peel-and-stick roofing products. On-board wire management simplifies the module installation process. Watch our short video to see how simple the installation process is!