The Solution for Homeowners

Lumeta’s LPP-175S and LPP0185T solar modules provide a tasteful alternative to standard rack mounted modules for discerning homeowners. With their sleek design, and solutions for asphalt shingle, s-tile and flat tile roofs, these reliable, high performance photovoltaic modules offer clean renewable energy without compromising on quality, performance or design.

Lumeta panels adhere to the roof with a strong peel and stick adhesive, eliminating the need for roof penetrations. Because penetrations can lead to an increase in maintenance requirements and may lead to leaks and roof system failures, this new, innovative approach to solar installations provides long term preventive, cost saving measures for homeowners.

From simplified wire management to peel-and-stick modules that eliminate rack mounting, Lumeta dramatically lowers installation time and cost.

With a typical 5/kW residential installation requiring two men approximately 75 minutes to complete for asphalt shingle roofs, and approximately 120 minutes for s-tile and flat tile roofs, installers are able to complete up to five asphalt shingle installations per day, and two to three tile roof installations per day, allowing them to meet the needs of a growing marketplace.

Elegant Solutions For Asphalt Shingle, S-Tile and Flat Tile Roofs

How Important Are Aesthetics to Homeowners?

Lumeta hired an independent agency to query homeowners about how the look of solar on their rooftop would impact their purchasing decision. More than 60% of respondents said the look of the panels would be moderately, very or extremely important to their decision, and 24% responded that the appearance would absolutely be a deciding factor, with 47% responding that it would possibly be a factor.

How important would the look of the solar panels on your rooftop be in making a decision to purchase them?

Residential solar chart

Would the appearance (look) of the solar panels on your rooftop be a deciding factor in your purchase decision if all other factors had been addressed?

Residential solar preferences chart

4 Out Of 5 Homeowners Prefer Lumeta!

As part of the same survey, respondents were shown two images of the same home, one with Lumeta LPP-175 modules and the second with traditional rack mounted modules, and were asked which of the homes they felt looked better.

Solar system preference chart

House A: Lumeta LPP-175 Modules

house lumeta solar panels

House B: Traditional Rack Mounted Modules

Home with standard solar panels