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Lumeta’s unique peel-and-stick installation process dramatically increases installation efficiency. The results, 5x for asphalt shingle roofs and 12x for concrete tile roofs, subsequently increases the gross profit per man day by approximately $20K through the highly efficient use of every installer’s most important asset, their installation crews.

Our cost calculator provides a comparison between the average installed cost in the California market of a standard rack mounted system vs a Lumeta LPP system, with the ability to change cost assumptions in the charts to more accurately reflect your market.

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Estimated 6 kW Residential System Comparison - Shingles
  Standard Module Lumeta LPP Modules
System Size in Watts 6000 6052
Module, Inverter, Racking and all other BOS 1 $
Total Labor and Labor Burden 2 $
Total Non-Installation Direct Costs 3 $
Total Installation Cost
Module Installation Velocity
Size of Installation Crew
Completed Installations Per Day
Total Man Hours per Installation
Total Watts Per Man Day
Key Metrics Related to Gross Profit Per Installation
Total Installation Cost ($/W)
Sales price ($/W) $
Gross Profit Per System ($/W)
Gross Profit Per Man Day ($/W)
Gross Profit Expansion Per Man Day

All grey shaded boxes can be changed.

1. If you change the materials number it must be entered as one number and no sales tax is included.
2. If you change the labor and burden number they must be entered as one number.
3. The non-installation direct costs include: travel time, freight, permit fee’s and engineering costs and should be entered as one number.